Release ProcessΒΆ

This document is only meant for the project administrators, not users and developers.

  1. Create a release branch on GitHub.

  2. In the release branch:

    1. update the version numbers in
    2. update the conda recipe.
    3. update the documentation with any new features or details about changes.
    4. run make linkcheck on the documentation and fix any redirected/broken links.
    5. update the README.
  3. Build the new conda package locally on your mac using the following command (Note: you may have to replace the contents of the requirements() function in with a pass statement to get conda build to work):

    conda build -c defaults -c conda-forge --python=3.6 --numpy=1.14 skll
  4. Convert the package for both linux and windows:

    conda convert -p win-64 -p linux-64 <mac package tarball>
  5. Upload each of the packages to using anaconda upload <package tarball>.

  6. Upload source package to PyPI using python sdist upload.

  7. Draft a release on GitHub.

  8. Make a pull request with the release branch to be merged into master and request code review.

  9. Once the build for the PR passes and the reviewers approve, merge the release branch into master.

  10. Make sure that the RTFD build for master passes.

  11. Tag the latest commit in master with the appropriate release tag and publish the release on GitHub.

  12. Send an email around at ETS announcing the release and the changes.